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Luxury, sustainable hot water bottle covers, complete with 2-litre natural rubber hot water bottle, from new brand Cosy Panda. With a comfy roll neck, lined with natural cotton and filled with bamboo these covers have a thick and warm finish. 


By sourcing sustainable materials, such as natural bamboo, recycled faux fur or recycled plastic, Cosy Panda have developed these unbelievably soft and planet-hugging hot water bottles. Invest on one of these and keep those heating bills down this winter!


Washing: All covers can be removed and are suitable for a cold hand wash.


Hot Water Bottle Life: Please ensure that you check the condition of your rubber bottle regularly as they will perish over time.

We recommend replacing the bottle after 2-3 years of use.


Cover materials:

Original cream bamboo:  70% bamboo viscose 30% organic cotton. 

Caramel teddy: 100% recycled polyester and plastic bottles

Graphite fleece: 100% recycled plastic 

Ultrasoft Brown/White fur: 100% recycled faux fur (polyester)


Bottle: Premium Natural Rubber bottle with non-perishable, seal tight, screw lid; conforms to UK BS 1970:2012 safety standards.

Wadding: 50/50 natural bamboo & natural cotton blend.

Lining: 100% natural cotton.


Handmade in the United Kingdom



CPSIA Compliant


Child Safe


Luxury Eco-friendly Hot Water Bottle

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