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Small brightly coloured concrete plant pots with a colour cactus topped with crushed whelks from Shell on Earth.


Part of the ever-popular Pow Pots range, poppets are small (8cm x 8cm) concrete pots with a ridged surface, handprinted in a range of fabulous colours by Nathalie in Grizedale Forest (UK).


Other colour combinations available: please email for the latest stock availability and options.


Internal diameter: 7cm


Looking after your plant: cacti don’t need much watering. Water once a fortnight in the summer and once a month in winter, by dribbling or spraying water near the base of the plant (there is a pot of suitable soil buried just beneath the topping surface. Don’t use so much  that the plant is sitting in water. Alternatively, brush off the plant topping, remove the buried pot, water and replant once drained.

Succulents and cacti prefer direct light and warm conditions: a sunny windowsill is ideal.


During transit some of the topping will probably get dislodged - just gather up any spillage and scatter over the surface.

Poppets + cacti

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